Monday, July 25th, 2016

There’s no Place like the Palladium

L. Frank Baum’s novel has been adapted into a hit MGM film, three silent movies, comics, a Broadway musical and countless other stage and amateur productions, so it was only a matter of time before The Wizard of Oz hit the West End. Wicked (the ‘untold story of the witches of Oz’) over the road […]

The House of Dancing Water

Sharks puppeteered by SCUBA divers, heart-stopping high dives, motorcycle stunts symbolising time travel, pagodas and boats that emerge from submarine theatre ‘wings’ and 77 performance artists from 18 countries around the world; Franco Dragone’s newest spectacular has been 5 years in the planning, 2 years of rehearsal and cost approximately £160 million. Surrounded in mystery […]

Sculpting the Future

Automation has changed the landscape of what is achievable in live entertainment. When scenic automation first emerged late last century, it was applied as traditional hand flying had been for generations – for the most part to lower a piece of scenery into place then lift it out again. With the arrival of precise computer […]

A little bit of lift for the Lyttelton

The Lyttelton’s hydraulic lifts were installed around 30 years ago and have given the theatre a great many years of reliable service. However, when The White Guard was staged earlier this year, the National’s systems engineering team found themselves in a quandary. The show required that they synchronise all three lifts and they quickly found […]

Stage Technologies split pulley reels in another award!

At the recent ABTT Theatre Show awards, the newest innovation from the Stage Technologies mechanical design team took the prize for ‘Best Engineering Product 2010’. The split pulley is a simple mechanism that makes performer flying, specifically at an angle out over the audience, easier and neater than ever before. Steel wire rope is fed […]

PC Wing Takes Off!

PC Wing is Stage Technologies latest compact training tool, designed with versatility and simplicity in mind. The console enables students and automation technicians to learn to programme and operate state-of-the art automation technology off-line in a classroom environment. Using the Wing, trainees can work first hand on the same control interface used in some of […]