Friday, March 27th, 2015

Wybron Debuts Cygnus VN line at PLASA 2010

PLASA 2010 sees a parade of new technology, with manufacturers and lighting giants displaying the new fruits of their R&D departments. Wybron is among them, giving the first-ever large-scale viewing of the Cygnus VN line.

Wybron first launched Cygnus in the autumn of 2009 to spectacular reception, and has announced the growth of the family, which now includes MF (Medium Flood; formerly the 200W Wash) and VN (Very Narrow) lines. The VN line builds upon Cygnus’ tremendous strengths—its vibrant colour and whites, intelligent thermal management system and lauded intensity, just for starters—and adds an even tighter, more intense beam.

Jim Koza, Wybron’s Regional Sales Director covering Europe, will be present at PLASA to debut Wybron’s newest Cygnus line of LEDs luminaires. “I’m excited to help promote our Cygnus VN line to our dealer partners in Europe,” says Koza. “It’s great to know that they’re not just another ‘me-too’ product and truly are ahead of the curve in today’s bloated LED market. The whole Cygnus family is truly amazing.”

Director of Technologies John Sondericker III is equally excited. “We’ve developed a proprietary lensing system for the VN line that tightens the Cygnus beam and packs all that punch into 13 degrees, providing an astounding 70% more lux on target [when compared to Cygnus MF200].” It’s the brightest fixture in its class by far.”

The Cygnus family of LED luminaires employs a RGBW quad die for superior colour mixing, increased efficiency and terrific, variable colour-temperature whites. Cygnus VN includes 12 and 24 of these LEDs, for the 100- and 200-watt models, respectively, each with a proprietary lens designed to deliver the tightest, best-mixed bang for the energy buck.

In the year of its launch, Cygnus has already been a hit, with lighting designers finding uses for it in applications as varied as worship to sports entertainment to downlights in one of America’s premier performing arts spaces. Designers are drawn to Cygnus for its superior light quality, its versatility and its ability to reduce both budget and complicated infrastructure. Robert Wertheimer of Spectacle Lighting Design, who has used Cygnus as part of the Detroit Red Wings’ player intros during playoffs, told Wybron, “As far as I’m concerned, PAR fixtures and dimmers are now obsolete.” The VN line stands to broaden that appeal and, with more members of the Cygnus family on the way, help change the way designers and technicians look at LEDs. The VN line will go into production in late October 2010.

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