Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Rosco’s Supergel #313 keeps on giving to Light Relief

The presentation by Rosco of a cheque to UK charity Light Relief has become an annual event at PLASA, and this year was no exception, with a cheque for $3793 (approximately £2420) being accepted by Light Relief trustee Rick Fisher.

Making the presentation, Mark Engel, President of Rosco, said: “Last year, our 100th anniversary, we reflected on the wonderful collaborations we’ve had with designers and craftspeople over the years – Rick Fisher and Supergel 313 Light Relief Yellow included. As we look forward to our next century together, our commitment to you as artists and people is just beginning. Since Supergel 313’s introduction, each year we have donated the proceeds from its worldwide sales to Light Relief. Thanks to your use of that great colour, this year’s contribution brings Rosco’s support to this extraordinary cause to just over $25,000.”

Thanking Mark on behalf of Light Relief, Rick said: “Light Relief assists freelancers in our industry who need immediate assistance in times of crisis, and we have had more claims this year than ever before. One-off donations are always welcome, but ongoing support of this kind demonstrates that key players in the industry are behind us 100%.”

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