Thursday, July 28th, 2016

MA Lighting Latin America establishes grandMA2 trainings

Some 50 participants recently attended MA Lighting Latin America’s next grandMA2 open house in São Paulo. On display were grandMA2 light and grandMA2 ultra-light consoles. Next to product presentations a comprehensive training was held by MA’s Latin America Manager, Daniel Ridano and certified MA technicians Paulo Lebrão and William Quintino de Souza (Abilinho).

The grandMA2 presentation introduced the grandMA2 system idea, with its software, hardware and networking capabilities, and included the new grandMA 3D and brand new MA VPU (Video Processing Unit).

Ridano stated: “The grandMA2 presentation was very successful. Our guests showed great interest in the new interface, the new design, the powerful hardware as well as the newly designed software. The grandMA ‘series 1’ compatibility mode also received much attention and praise. The training went equally well. Shows today are becoming increasingly complex and it is our mission to listen to and share the best available knowledge with programmers and designers working at all levels.“

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