Thursday, July 28th, 2016

LumenRadio Upgrade to Art-Net 3 at PLASA 2011



LumenRadio announced their support for Art-Net 3, the latest release of the public domain Ethernet protocol from Artistic Licence Engineering. As of PLASA 2011, Art-Net 3 will be supported in all of LumenRadio’s Ethernet enabled products.

Art-Net is supported by 200-plus international manufacturers, and is one of the protocols of choice in LumenRadio’s smart and adaptive CRMXTM wireless lighting control system.

Art-Net 3 differs from earlier versions in one key respect — its phenomenal data capacity, which is at least two orders of magnitude greater than the 256 Universe limit of its predecessor, Art-Net II.

“By upgrading to Art-Net 3, we can be confident our products stay way ahead of the data demand curve,” explains LumenRadio’s Senior R&D Engineer, Michael Karlsson. “For example, one particular project that I recall used a single network to control a media server and distribute its output to a LED wall. Such a set-up could easily break the limit of many of the Ethernet protocols in common use today.”

Wayne Howell, Technical Director of Artistic Licence Engineering and inventor of Art-Net, comments: “Within hours of releasing Art-Net 3, I heard from Michael that Lumen would be supporting it, which was obviously very pleasing! Naturally, we hope that other manufacturers will be as quick to recognise the pressing need for this technology.”

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