Saturday, July 30th, 2016

grandMA2 shine at Univision’s “Premio lo Nuestro a la Musica Latina”

It was grandMA2’s night to sparkle en espanol. Lighting designer Carlos Colina who was responsible for Univision’s “Premio lo Nuestro a la Musica Latina” awards show, selected a pair of grandMA2 light consoles to control approximately 400 fixtures illuminating the gala special. The 23rd annual show honored Latin artists chosen by fans in online and mobile phone voting. It aired live from Miami’s American Airlines Arena.

“The show was probably one of the largest TV programs that the grandMA2 light has done,” remarks Brett Puwalski, vice president of operations at Atomic Lighting in Lititz, Pennsylvania, which supplied the grandMA2.

“Using the grandMA 3D software that MA offers as freeware really helped us with the pre-viz,” he explains. “Univision has a very tight schedule, and the network uses its time and money very resourcefully. There were many acts participating and no time to prep such an ambitious show, so the software really helped us get things going ahead of time. Programmer Felix Peralta loved it.”

Puwalski notes that the two grandMA2 light “worked great. Everything went smoothly with no issues whatsoever. They proved to be a great solution for the ‘Premio lo Nuestro’ ceremony.”

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